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Welcome to the iUcalorie family!

I hope you are having a good first impression and have already started to familiarize yourself with the app. Our mission is to always be by your side and help you as much as possible to achieve your goal and manage to consolidate a healthier life that gives you greater well-being.


How establish new habits and be consistent on the path to your goal step by step


Step 1. Focus on logging food consistently

This is the first challenge you have ahead of you. Because if you don’t manage to consolidate this habit, the rest will not be possible.

The main thing now is that you manage to record food daily and consistently so that you can trust that the data is very close to the calories you have consumed.

Don’t get obsessed with perfection, little by little you will improve, but start by having the intention of recording all the calories you eat.

When you have this habit acquired, you will be able to start setting goals, analyzing data and continuing to move towards your goal.

Simply by recording what you eat, you will most likely begin to make changes naturally. Since you will clearly see that there are large imbalances and probably excesses that you must correct. This is one of the great powers of counting calories by keeping a good record, making yourself aware of what you really eat and not what you think you eat.

This process can take between 2-3 weeks to consider that the food record is truly consolidated into your daily routine consistently.

Step 2. Move forward trying to reach your calorie and protein goals

Once you manage to consolidate the habit of recording the food you eat, you can continue moving forward and set the second challenge.
In this case you can start trying to achieve your daily calorie and protein goal for your standard goals that iUcalorie calculates for you.

Carbs and fats in a way are kind of different forms or energy. Calories and proteins will make the biggest impact for body composition.
We know if you hold calories and proteins consistent in various research studies that the benefits look really similar between these different diets.

Having a consistent carbohydrate and fat intake day to day might help you feel better with energy levels and be more consistent overall, with is always a benefit.

Step 3. Define more ambitious goals

Once you’ve proven that you’re consistent with food tracking and that you can meet your calorie and protein goals, you can start pushing yourself a little harder.

At this point, you can customize your macronutrient goals and also try to stick to your daily macronutrient goals.


Follow these steps, be patient and compassionate with yourself along the way. It will be a process that will take some time and effort, but the reward will be great.


General overview of iUcalorie app

iUcalorie is really designed to be easy to use, that is one of our main values as a brand. But it doesn’t hurt to quickly see some of the most important sections and how to access them.

Dashboard Overview

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