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If you are truly committed to achieving your health goals, then this app is a must-have for you. Unlike other apps, iUcalorie goes above and beyond by providing in-depth analysis to better understand your goals. It offers a comprehensive breakdown of foods and their impact on your overall objective, making it an indispensable tool for nutritionists like myself.
Juliet Ross
Nutritionist at Ross Vitality

How it works?


Step 1: Set your goal

Take control of your nutrition. Choose from weight loss, weight gain, weight maintenance. Each goal is built on the concepts of flexible dieting and energy balance.

Step 2: Track your food

Track your diet with our easy-to-use food tracker which includes a large food database and the ability to create custom foods, meals and recipes.

Step 3: Receive valuable insights

Analyze data on how you are meeting your goals and consistency. Compare that data with the results and make small modifications if necessary to continue moving towards your goal.

Remember, data never lies!

You will never abandon your plan again!

Makes it easier for you to stick to your plan thanks to daily goals

Through daily goals, your daily motivation will be maximum and you will not want to leave them uncompleted. In addition, consistency data will enhance your adherence to the plan.

Why CICO works?

It's not just a calorie counter, it's your nutritional companion.

At the core of our app lies the principle of ‘Caloric Deficit,’ the essence to achieve your weight goals. The connection is clear: to lose weight, it’s crucial to create a caloric deficit, meaning you burn more calories than you consume. iUcalorie allows you to easily track your caloric intake and energy expenditure, ensuring you maintain precise control over your caloric balance. Discover how the direct relationship between CICO and the Caloric Deficit becomes your formula for success in iUcalorie. Start today and understand how this approach will guide you towards a healthier lifestyle.

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