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On your first access to iUcalorie, you go through a flow of questions in which you give us some information about yourself. With this information iUcalorie can create your entire profile with the necessary configurations so that you can start using it.

Defining your daily kcal goal

On the dashboard one of the first things you can see is your kcal target for that day. This objective is calculated on a personalized basis based on your characteristics according to the data you indicated during the registration process.
This calculation takes into account your age, height, gender, specified daily activity…

Although if you need to make custom adjustments, you can customize it in the Macro Planner.

Defining your macronutrient goals


In general, in the registry we specify the standard macronutrients. These are:

  • Protein 25%
  • Carbohydrates 35%
  • Fats 40%

If you feel it is better to adjust them in other ratios to achieve your current fitness goals, you can easily do so in the Macro Planner.

Setting your daily goals

In addition, we will also establish your daily goals that will be based on the information you have provided us.

Calorie goal

This goal is equal to your daily kcal goal.

Step goal

Depending on your main goal, you will have one step goal or another. Although you can modify and fully customize it in the settings section of your profile.

Movement target

This goal is initially based on the minimum recommended daily activity. But as we get information about your movement, our coach Misha will recommend you to optimize your movement goal according to your history.

Synchronization with HealthKit

It is important that you synchronize in the initial configuration HealthKit of iOs. With the information you provide us about your activity, we will be able to better understand your patterns and our coach will be able to make personalized recommendations to optimize your day-to-day life and make it easier for you to achieve your goals.

If for any reason you declined it, you can access your iPhone settings and do it from there at any time.

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