How should I adjust my weekly progress?

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There are some situations that can occur on a regular basis and in which you will have to make a decision to continue moving towards your goal. That is the essence of iUcalorie, being aware of your data, and if you see that they are not being effective, make modifications to better understand what your body needs and how it reacts.


Lose weight goal


I am not losing weight

If you are not losing weight. First of all, you should check that you have met your calorie goals, you have not exceeded them and you have been constant.

Verify that you have weighed yourself every day at the same time, with the same clothes, having eaten the same etc. The ideal moment is in the morning, without clothes or with the minimum and without having eaten anything yet.

Check in iUcalorie that you’ve stuck to your step and movement goals. Since your target calories are calculated based on the level of activity you indicated. Have you had the expected level of activity?

If the above is correct. Consider lowering your daily calorie goal a bit to increase the calorie deficit and see how your body responds.


I am losing weight at a rate of more than 0.5kg per week

It is advisable to lose weight gradually, stable and controlled. Our body will adapt and we must enjoy the process. We should not feel that we are restricting ourselves in food, or that we are making a great effort to reach the goal. If we feel that it is difficult for us, it is very likely that it will not be sustainable over time and that is not what we are after. At iUcalorie we believe in changing long-term habits for a healthier life.

Therefore, if that happens, analyze what is happening in the iUcalorie charts.

As we indicated in the previous section, check.


Are you meeting your calorie goal?

Have you weighed yourself at the same moment, same clothes…?

Have you maintained or increased your activity level?

Have you compensated for the extra calories burned?


If all of the above is correct, consider increasing your daily calorie goal a bit to see how your body responds and you can achieve controlled and gradual weight loss without being aggressive.

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