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iUcalorie it’s not just a calorie counter, it’s your nutritional companion.

Unlike other calorie counting apps, iUcalorie stands out for its sustainable approach.

The essence of iUcalorie is to help you in many ways. But if we had to summarize the explanation, we could tell you that the main idea is…

iUcalorie wants to help you become aware of what you really eat, manage it every day and even plan for the future to have control over your nutrition by presenting the data in a simple way, organized and effective so that you can make the decisions that you think will best suit your objectives.

In addition, we try to give you enough flexibility so that you can make all the adjustments that you consider necessary.

Sustainability of a healthy life through quality nutrition

We want to be your best nutritional partner in whom you will be able to trust and who will help you obtain nutrition for yourself and your family on a day-to-day basis.

Counting calories is based on the concept of calories in – calories out (CICO). But iUcalorie goes further. Eating 1000kcal of fast food is not the same as eating fruit and other nutritionally rich foods. That is why we have implemented a complex algorithm capable of classifying foods by their nutritional quality.

We want to help you achieve healthy habits that are sustainable in the long term and that can really be integrated into your day to day.

Easy and comfortable to use

We want to make the difficult easy for you. Our goal is to make the complex simple to understand and very easy and simple to use. iUcalorie will take care of the complex part for you.

The use of iUcalorie should be simple, easy and intuitive. That does not mean that the operation is simple. Quite the opposite. Sometimes making difficult things simple requires great ability and energy to understand the essence well and simplify it as much as possible for the user with complex processes.

But we want iUcalorie to be very easy for you to use in your day to day.

Commitment to constant improvement

Every day we are looking for new ways to improve, innovate and update iUcalories with new features that really serve you and help you lead a healthier life.

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