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Macro tracking

The essence of using iUcalorie and controlling macronutrients is to achieve the desired goal more efficiently and effectively. Also, learning about food proportions and how what you eat specifically affects your body.

In addition, you will keep a historical record that you can control over time to see what has worked best for you, what has not worked for you, if you have remained consistent in your goals or if you have not been able to meet them and much more.

Macronutrients are important as they divide your total calories into subgroups. Each subgroup has consumption ranges, they bring different things to your body and controlling them will be key to achieving what you want strategically.

iUcalorie offers you a clear and organized view of your daily macros so that you have full control over each day and see with just a simple glance how you are doing.

Overview of macronutrients

In the dashboard you have a quick view with all the information you need to quickly see how your day is going in relation to your macronutrients.

You can view both the consumed and the remaining just by clicking on a button.

In the standard view you have a view in grams of your progress. Both in the consumed or pending quantity section, you can see your goal and the progress made.

If you manage to reach +-5% of your goal. This goal will be marked as achieved for that day.

Vision in % of your macronutrients

There are times when you may be interested in having the vision in grams and others in %. You can change the way you view your macro tracking just by tapping anywhere on that card.

In this overview you will see your macronutrient goal in %, as well as your progress in % as well.

Likewise, if you complete your goal for that day by +-5%, the green check will be marked indicating that you have achieved it. Although if you exceed that 5% as an excess. It will be marked in red.

Check your macronutrients while adding food

iUcalorie has a great Food Log in timeline format so you can record your meals at any time of the day without having to think if that time is a Snack, it is noon or it is mid-afternoon.

In the timeline you can easily see the summary of your macronutrients and the progress you make during the day.

This information helps you to know at all times where you are in your macronutrient progress that day and you can take it into account when choosing the pending meal.

View a historical statistic of your macronutrients

In the specific section for statistics you can see very interesting data. Among them, the data of the calories ingested, as well as the calories of the 3 main macronutrients. You will be able to clearly see how the progress has been compared to different periods.

On the other hand, you also have the Macro planner available where you can customize all your macronutrient goals in a general way, by weeks and days.

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