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Macro planner

The iUcalorie Macro Planner is made to offer you flexibility so that you can customize your macronutrient goals according to your needs. You can make customizations on a general, weekly or even daily basis. You can adjust both your calorie goal and the % proportion of each macronutrient.

Standard goals

First of all, after your registration in iUcalorie our system will calculate your daily kcal goal based on your data. This will be the first information you will see in the Macro Planner. Every day balanced and with the same objectives.

Customize your calorie goal

Maybe one day you have a social event and you want to expand your calorie goal for that day and make up for it during the week.

Whatever the reason, with the Macro Planner you can specify different calorie goals per day to adapt your plan flexibly.

Customize your macros

Perhaps you have the need for your nutritional strategy to do a load of carbohydrates during the week, or you want to do a day high in fat or protein.

No matter what, you can do what you need because the Macro Planner helps you adapt to any situation.
You can modify the proportion of macros according to your needs.

You can apply these changes to a specific day, or to that day of the week to all subsequent weeks.

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